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Comparison of Moisturizers for Flushed Red Skin

Comparison of Moisturizers for Flushed Red Skin

What To Look For

When shopping for moisturizers for flushed red skin, look for products with soothing ingredients such as aloe, cucumbers and similar cooling ingredients. In addition, look for moisturizers especially targeted for those with rosacea or simply less severe flushed red skin. Several companies offer products for precisely this purpose. On the less expensive end of the spectrum, Murad Correcting Moisturizer SPF 15 reduces redness while providing sun protection, while Cetaphil moisturizers hydrate skin without making your redness worse. More expensive products include Clinique's redness solutions daily relief cream, which features a green base to tone down redness, and SK-II moisturizers, which actress Cate Blanchett promotes and which whiten red skin.

Common Pitfalls

Avoid purchasing moisturizers that claim to tighten, tone or exfoliate skin, whether or not they also claim to get rid of your red, flushed skin. Products that contain harsh ingredients, such as those that get rid of dead skin, can also make your redness worse. Therefore, even if the product does work to heal the redness as well, you may not notice a visible improvement. Similarly, do not use cleansers, toners or other face products that use words like exfoliating or tightening to sell their products; they will only make your skin's condition worse.

Where To Buy

Only certain stores carry moisturizers for flushed red skin. For less expensive products, such as Cetaphil and Murad products, look at your local drugstore or chain store, like Walgreen's or shop online (see "Resources"). You can only find higher-end products, such as Clinique and SK-II products, at department store counters or through the manufacturers' websites. Shopping at department stores, such as Nordstrom's, will ensure that you take the right product home as well as present you with the opportunity to purchase other items to add to your skincare regime.


The cost of moisturizers for flushed red skin varies depending on the product purchased. Products such as Cetaphil's moisturizers can start at under $10, while products like SK-IIs moisturizers cost more than $100. For a good range of the best moisturizers for red skin, expect to spend around $50, but realize that, if your budget allows, you can spend much more. (Prices are as of October 2010.)

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