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Comparing Electronic Beard Shavers

Comparing Electronic Beard Shavers Comparing Electronic Beard Shavers

What To Look For

When shopping for an electronic beard shaver, consider your personal likes and dislikes. This is a product you will be using often, and you need to enjoy its feel, look and performance. Consider space considerations, as well. Decide if you have room for a counter-top model, or would like one that hangs on the wall or will tuck into a cabinet. According to, the best models on the market as of September 2010 are the Norelco T980 Acu/Vac Beard Trimmer, Wahl 9876-2001 Lithium Ion All-in-One Trimmer, Andis T-Edger II Cordless Trimmer D-3 and the Panasonic Er224S Beard Trimmer.

Common Pitfalls

Shavers have a come a long way in the way they perform and in their variety of features. Among the top-rated models, the down sides of each respectively are: Norelco's built-in vacuum runs a little loud; Wahl's interchangeable length attachments are somewhat bulky; Andis' needs careful maintenance and oiling due to its professional caliber and cannot be gotten wet; and Panasonic's cordless feature lacks power, though it can be plugged in for an extra boost.

Where To Buy

Galt Buying Guides recommends for the lowest prices on a wide range of beard trimmers. The Norelco, Wahl and Panasonic shavers are widely available at big box stores like Walmart and Target, while the Andis shaver can be found online at BeautyBasicSupply.


All of these shavers retail for under $50, with the best deals available at The Norelco is the most expensive at $49.99, with the Wahl retailing at $39.99. The Andis shaver is sold for $35.99 at, and sells the Panasonic for as low as $28.59.

Comparison Shopping

Of the four choices, the Norelco model scores highest with reviewers due to the built-in vacuum, which eliminates 90 percent of beard trimmings, and the fact that it is powerful and lightweight. The Wahl trimmer has the advantage of being ergonomic and charging quickly. The steel blade design of the Andis model means the blades hold a sharp edge over many uses, and the Panasonic model is praised for being a great detailer with its 14 length settings and easy to use on the go.


Norelco's T980 has a built-in adjustable length, rather than having bulky attachments to do so. Consumers found this feature attractive, as it reduces the bulk of the shaver.

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