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Collagen Dietary Supplements

Collagen Dietary Supplements Collagen Dietary Supplements Collagen Dietary Supplements

Collagen is the main component of connective tissue. It is a fibrous protein that is a part of tendons, joints, cartilage, and bones. As you age, your body may produce less collagen than you need for optimum health. You might consider taking a collagen supplement if you are looking for a way to maintain strong joints, decrease hair loss, or even suppress appetite. Many collagen supplements are available to choose from. Always consult a health care provider before adding a supplement to your routine to ensure there will be no adverse medication-supplement interactions.

Feel Younger Collagen

Feel Younger Collagen claims that when you are between 25 and 45 years old, your body naturally only makes 75 percent of the collagen that it needs for optimum health. Therefore, the company offers collagen capsules to supplement your body's collagen to improve your appearance and counter the effects of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Their approach with these dietary supplement capsules is "beauty from within." In addition to external effects, Feel Younger Collagen capsules claim to reduce joint pain and swelling. The collagen in these supplements has a 95 percent absorbency rate. While these claims are quite impressive, the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the effects of these supplements and you should always be cautious when taking a dietary supplement.


Neocell sells Super Collagen powder with hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine. Some of its claims are weight loss. This is through decreasing appetite, and increasing muscle mass to burn more fat while you are at rest. Other purported benefits include strengthening your nails and thickening and strengthening your hair. The supplement also claims to build bone matrix and joint cartilage, with visible changes within a few weeks. The source of collagen in this supplement is from cows, so it is more absorbable than supplements from plant sources. No external reputable agency has investigated and approved the health and safety claims of this supplement.


Collageena claims that its tablets are the "world's most powerful collagen supplements." Its main benefits are purported to be decreased appetite; increased energy and endurance; firming and toning of muscles and reduced inflammation, body pain and joint discomfort. This supplement includes a specific blend of amino acids. It includes a high amount of glutamic acid to promote protein and DNA synthesis, and a low amount of tryptophan because tryptophan blocks connective tissue repair. The high amount of the antioxidant taurine may increase the body's use of fat and amino acids. The collagen in this supplement is from grass-fed beef. If you are considering a dietary supplement, you should thoroughly investigate it before starting to take it.

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