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Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream Ingredients

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream Ingredients Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream Ingredients Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream Ingredients

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream is an over-the-counter anti-acne treatment designed to lessen the amount of facial breakouts. It comes in a 1-oz. squeeze tube and advertises lower redness and breakouts within four hours of treatment. As of April 2010, the facial acne solution retails for $8 to $10 at pharmacies and commercial stores.

Benzoyl Peroxide

A 10 percent solution of benzoyl peroxide, the highest allowed, aids in keeping breakouts at bay. It reduces the amount of blemishes and decreases the frequency of breakouts. A December 2004 article in the medical journal Lancet ("Comparison of five antimicrobial regimens for treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory facial acne vulgaris in the community: randomized controlled trial" by Ozolins, Eady, et. al) shows that this over-the-counter remedy works more efficiently than topical or oral antibiotics. Benzoyl peroxide solutions range from 2.5 to 10 percent.


Thickeners work by bulking up a product, giving it more of a cream-like appearance and texture rather than a watery appearance. Thickeners added to Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream include xanthan gum, glyceryl stearate, magnesium aluminum silicate, PEG-100 stearate and cetearyl alcohol. Glyceryl stearate acts as an emollient as well, softening up the skin. Cetearyl alcohol also can work as a natural or synthetic emollient.


Preservatives available for personal care products and cosmetics deemed safe and included in Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream include phenoxyethanol, isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben and butylparaben. All of these should not irritate the skin, as they do not release formaldehyde like other preservatives may.

Slip Agents

Glycerin hydrates the skin and aids in the application of the product, allowing it to glide across the skin's surface. Dimethicone, a silicone-based product, also gives slip and works in scar reduction therapies, according to Derma Doctor.


Titanium dioxide is an ingredient that works as a thickener and helps prevent UVA and UVB damage to the skin. Many sunscreens use titanium dioxide as the main ingredient to block effects of the sun's rays. There is no SPF factor to this Clearasil product, signaling there isn't enough titanium dioxide to make it advertise-worthy as a sunscreen.


Four other ingredients added for various effect include ammonium hydroxide as a pH adjuster to control the acidity of a solution. Amino acid arginine HCl helps in wound healing and works as an antioxidant against free radical damage. Gluconolactone is a polyhydroxy acid (anti-wrinkle agent) and alpha-hydroxy acid (combats flakes and dryness). Lastly, PEG-40 stearate cleanses and keeps the solution soluble.

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