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Chapped Lip Remedies

Chapped Lip Remedies Chapped Lip Remedies Chapped Lip Remedies

Almost everyone has experienced chapped lips at some point in their lives. They can be caused from exposure to excessive wind and dry weather, cold weather and licking lips which dries them out as the saliva evaporates. If you are suffering from chapped lips, there are several remedies that you can use to alleviate and treat the symptoms that are often very troublesome and painful.

Drink Water

Chapped lips can occur when you are dehydrated, even if you are just mildly dehydrated. Drink at least 64 ounces of water every day to maintain adequate water levels in your body. This will not only help cure chapped lips, but will improve your overall health as well.

Lip Balms

Apply a cold wet washcloth to the lips for a couple of minutes. After removing the washcloth, apply a lip balm to seal the water into your lips. Your lips will absorb this water directly. You should repeat this process every 1 to 2 hours while you are suffering from chapped lips.

Antibiotic Ointments

Apply a small amount of over-the-counter antibiotic ointments to your lips at morning and night to help prevent infection from cracks in chapped lips. Hydrocortisone cream can also be applied once per day to reduce inflammation and cracking.

Vitamin B

Many people experience chapping and cracking in the corners of their mouths. This is often due to Vitamin B deficiencies. If you are unable to cure your chapped lips at home, visit your physician. He can run a simple blood test to determine if you need to take a supplement containing Vitamin B. He may also be able to prescribe medications to eliminate your symptoms for severe cases of lip chapping.

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