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Can Soda Affect Teeth?

Can Soda Affect Teeth? Can Soda Affect Teeth? Can Soda Affect Teeth?


You only get one smile so it is essential that you care for it properly by maintaining good oral health and attractive teeth. Drinking a lot of soda can have negative effects on your teeth because of the ingredients it contains. According to, soda companies make enough soda that every person could drink up to 52 gallons each year, which is far too much to maintain good dental health. In addition to reducing your risk of certain health consequences, limiting your soda intake may protect your smile as well.

Tooth Decay

One of the most common consequences of soda consumption is dental caries, or tooth decay. When you drink soda, the sugars it contains wrap around your teeth, including in between them, and sticks to the surface. The longer the refined sugars present in soda stick to your teeth, the greater chance you will develop tooth decay. The Center for Science in the Public Interest notes that tooth decay risks are even higher if you drink soda between meals. Reducing the amount of soda you drink each day will help cut your risk of developing tooth decay.

Attacks Enamel

The acids present in most varieties of soda can eat away at the enamel on the surface of your teeth. Without enough enamel, you run the risk of tooth erosion, as well as painful teeth. The Office of the Department of Education, Science Education branch reports that as you digest the sugar in soda, your body creates lactic acid, which settles directly on the surface of your teeth and wears away the protective layer of enamel. The more soda you drink, the more lactic acid is able to take up residence in your mouth and damage your enamel.

Contributes to the Formation of Plaque

The foods and drinks you consume can lead to the formation of plaque, which is a sticky layer of bacteria that becomes lodged on and between your teeth. The American Dental Association reports that when you eat or drink, the food comes into contact with the bacteria and germs that live in your mouth, and that this bacteria thrives on the presence of sugar, which soda contains a lot of. The amount of soda you drink, as well as how long the sugars stick to your teeth determines how much plaque is able to form. Plaque can lead to both tooth decay and enamel erosion over time.

May Stain Teeth

The dark colors of many brands of soda can lead to discoloration of your teeth. As the acids in soda wear down the enamel on the surface of your teeth, they leave etching behind, Advanced Family Dental Associates reports. The more etching on your teeth, the greater likelihood that that the dark colors of the soda will settle in and cause your teeth to stain. Reducing how much dark colored soda you drink will help lower your chances of developing stained teeth.

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