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Breast Acne

Breast Acne Breast Acne

Breast acne happens to be very embarrassing, it is not only painful but also causes mental distress. Breast acne is indicated by white or red pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. In severe cases, it may be symbolized as papules and pustules. Breast acne is often the result of ingrown hairs in the chest or breast.
Though the hair are small and thin on the chest, when excessive sebum is produced, it clogs hair follicles on the chest or skin of the breast. Another common cause of breast acne is the hormonal fluctuation during menstruation and pregnancy. Certain drugs such as androgens and lithium cause acne. It is recommended to treat acne alternatively if you experience acne after using any drug. Excessive sweating, accumulation of dirt and delayed habits of bathing and cleansing may lead to breast acne or breast pimples.

How to prevent breast pimples?
In order to prevent from breast pimples, you should take several steps and practice them regularly. Exfoliate your skin specially on chest or breast regularly with a gentle cleanser or scrub. Use a toner to rejuvenate your skin. Avoid wearing sports bras as they exert force on breasts, making impossible for moisture to evaporate. Always wear loose clothing irrespective of weather. In summer, when breast skin sweats, and you wear tight clothing, there is no way for the sweating and harmful skin waste to go anywhere except clogging on hair skin. Take a bath with lukewarm water as it helps exfoliate clogged sebum, dirt and germs.

Though breast acne rarely turn into severe acne, if mild acne is left untreated, it can cause serious acne breakouts. Therefore, always treat breast acne initially to prevent from more complicated forms of breast pimples.

For your help in getting rid of breast pimples, we have some recommendations:

  • Use antibacterial soap as most bacterial infection of hair follicles causes breast acne. Always bath with antibacterial soap if you have body acne.
  • You can use sebum absorbing sheets for soaking excessive sebum from your breast. Its use it simple and easy. Sheets help keep your skin dry and soft and remove excessive oils.
  • Dry yourself properly after each bath and try not to leave any moisture.
  • You can use apple aloe vera gel, avoid it if you are allergic as it may cause skin irritation
  • You can use tea tree oil as it possesses strong antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Apply tea tree oil before retiring to bed or one hour before taking a bath.
  • Wash your breast with cleansers that contains vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants and antibacterial substances as such cleansers will provide essential nutrients needed for healthy skin growth.
  • Turmeric, tomato slices, juice of papaya and fresh garlic can be applied to treat and prevent future breakouts.

Breast acne happens to be very embarrassing and painful. If mild breast acne left untreated, it can turn into more complicated and severe severe forms. Take bath regularly and wear loose clothing. Wash your breast with gentle cleansers that contains nutrients and antibacterial substances. You can also use oil absorbing sheets to prevent accumulation of oil in chest skin.

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