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Blackheads in the Ears

Blackheads in the Ears Blackheads in the Ears Blackheads in the Ears


Blackheads are most often associated with the face, where there is a dense population of pores and oil glands, making it a prime area for breakouts. Even so, blackheads can also appear in the ears. They are no different than those that appear on your skin anywhere else, and they respond to the same treatments as well.


Blackheads in the ears are the same as blackheads that appear anywhere else on your body. They occur when oil, bacteria and dead skin cells completely block the pore, leaving a dark spot within it. If left untreated, blackheads can turn into larger acne lesions.

Internal Causes

Ear blackheads may occur due to hormonal fluctuations, which are normal during puberty and around the time of menses in women and cause an excess of oil to be produced. This creates an environment that is more susceptible to the development of blackheads in the ears, AcneNet says.

External Causes

In some cases, blackheads in the ears may be caused by external factors. For instance, if you go several days without washing your hair, the oil from your scalp could rub off in your ears and cause blemishes. The same goes for using greasy hair products. Wearing earphones, helmets or other equipment can also lead to a buildup of oil and dirt in the ears.


Treat blackheads in the ears just as you would anywhere else on the body. Wash your ears using a mild cleanser twice a day. Then apply an acne cream. Salicylic acid-based creams work best on blackheads because they encourage dead skin cells to slough off faster, says AcneNet. If several weeks of treatment in this fashion produce no results, see your dermatologist.


Blackheads in the ear are not more difficult to treat than blackheads anywhere else, but their location can pose a problem. When applying creams in the ears, be careful to only apply them on the external parts. Don't get acne creams or cleansers inside the ear canal, which could cause irritation or even infection.

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