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Blackheads Acne

Blackheads Acne Blackheads Acne Blackheads Acne

Blackheads are small rounded inflamed and fluid filled lesions. The lesions are a little painful and itchy. Blackheads may occur anywhere including face, neck, chest and back.
These are the most prominent place for blackheads to appear as the areas are denser in sebaceous glands. Blackheads are also termed as papules. Blackheads are similar to whiteheads and pustules in that both are red inflamed bumps. Blackheads secrete sebum and pus while pustules are red inflamed bumps filled with white pus at the tip of the bump. Whiteheads on the other hands are just bumps that retain sebum and pus inside inflamed hair follicles. Blackheads are rather severe than whiteheads and less severe than pustules, nodules and cystic acne. Nodules are large inflamed bumps rigid in texture. Therefore, blackheads are considered as medium type of acne on the basis of their severity and skin distortion. Blackheads usually appear in clusters on cheeks, chin and nose. If the proper treatment is employed, blackheads often last within a week. Therefore, blackheads are defined as red or grayish lesions filled with sebum and pus due to clogged hair follicles and shed-off Keratinocytes.

Causes of Blackheads:
Sebaceous glands within your skin produce oily secretion called sebum that is emptied onto the outer surface of the skin through hair follicles, for lubrication, moisturizing and softening the skin. Keratinocytes form the lining of hair follicles. Keratinocytes sheds off and replace with new one. The shed-off cells mixed with sebum clog the hair follicles. Propionibacteria are commonly occurring bacteria within hair follicles that attract white blood cells. Therefore, white blood cells, restricted sebum, shed-off cells and bacteria form a mixture called plaque. The plaque further clogs the hair follicles. When sebum is continuously being produced and restricted, it ruptures the walls of hair follicles and splits off the sebum into dermis causing irritation and pain.

White people are more prone to have blackheads than black people. Direct exposure to sun also triggers the sebaceous glands. Therefore, people living in hot weather are more prone to develop blackheads. Blackheads often leave scars if they are not treated in a timely fashion.

Besides other causes, hormonal imbalance, weak immune system does trigger the sebaceous glands. Breakouts in women usually flare up before or immediately after menstruation cycle and disappear within a weak. Boys on the other hands may develop it as a persistent disorder due to excessive production of androgenic hormones. Blackheads start to flare up when you reach puberty and continue by mid adolescence. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, constipation and acidity over stimulate sebaceous glands and are the most usual conditions occurring before blackheads have appeared. Sebaceous glands produce excessive sebum, whiteheads flare up that later convert into blackheads. Blackheads are recognized when you feel irritation and burning sensation. Having breakouts before dating and parties, is perhaps the worst time.

As a first remedy, avoid all causative factors like exposure to sunlight, hormonal disorders, lack of nutrients, using harsh cosmetics and skin care products. Use baby soap instead of soaps containing harsh detergents and wash you face no more than twice a day.

As there are a variety of causes of blackheads, enormous numbers of treatment options from over the counter remedies to synthetic remedies can be employed. Topical herbal remedies are more effective than synthetic medications, however, in certain cases, synthetic drugs are necessary. If propionibacteria infects the hair follicles, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Birth control pills are also prescribed to women having hormonal imbalance.

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