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Blackhead Removal Tools

Blackhead Removal Tools Blackhead Removal Tools Blackhead Removal Tools

Blackheads--tiny, black dots on the skin--are typically one of the first signs of acne, according to These troublesome occurrences appear when excess oil in a pore builds and forms into a ball. This ball creates a plug-like environment in the pore and turns black when exposed to the air. Because blackheads can be an embarrassing or displeasing occurrence, sufferers may turn to an extraction tool that provides a targeted method to remove the blackhead. Whatever the tool, a sterile, clean environment--both for the skin and the tool itself--is important.

Blackhead Extractor/Lancet

A blackhead extractor or lancet is a fairly inexpensive blackhead extractor tool used by physicians, aestheticians and at-home users alike. Slightly smaller than a standard pencil, the extractor has a blunt metal end with a hole in the middle at one end and a sharp lancet at the other. To remove blackheads, you first use the lancet to gently poke the skin, creating a hole for the blackhead to come out. Then, use the rounded end to push on the skin, causing the oil contained within the blackhead to come through the center hole.

Single- or Double-Spoon Blackhead Extractor

A double-spoon blackhead extractor is indicated for use when a person's blackheads vary in terms of size or are larger than a single extractor's center hole allows. While one end of the spoon extractor may be a standard size hole--as is the case in a double-spoon extractor--the other end has several different sizes of holes ranging from small to large. Because these do not involve the use of a lancet, they may result in less damage to the skin and are better indicated for the beginning blackhead remover, according to

Pore Strips

Pore strips are a different form of blackhead extractor that do not involve poking or prodding individual blackheads. Instead, pore strips aim to remove blackheads via application of a thin cloth strip placed over areas that often contain blackheads, such as the nose and chin. When the skin is moistened and the pore strip applied, the glue-like substance on the strip is activated and binds to impurities, such as blackheads, whiteheads and other oils. You then pull the strip off like a Band-Aid, pulling blackheads from the skin. Advantages of a pore strip include ease of use; however, the process can be slightly painful, much like the fast removal of a bandage.

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