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Blackhead Removal Tool

Blackhead Removal Tool Blackhead Removal Tool


Blackheads occur when oil builds up in the pores and creates a ball of oil. As the oil is pushed toward the surface, it turns black in color. In the absence of treatment, blackheads may take months to slough off. For this reason, blackhead extraction methods using a special extraction tool may be utilized.


Blackheads also are known as open comedones, named for the way they plug the skin and are visible on the skin's surface. When extracted, the plug may closely resemble a nail, which has a flat or slightly rounded black head with a white to yellowish tail. The entire blackhead is composed off dead skin cells, oil and bacteria, according to


A number of blackhead extraction tools exist on today's market and typically can be purchased inexpensively. Most blackhead extraction tools are made from metal and can closely resemble a pair of tweezers (in the instance of a single- or double-spoon extractor). This extractor has two loops on either end and can be placed over the blackhead and pushed. This pressure forces the blackhead to exit the pore.

Another extraction device is the lancet extractor. On one end, there is a scalpel-like lancet, which is used to prick the skin and make the blackhead come out.


The blackhead extractor tool is best used when the pores have been exposed to steam, meaning the pores are more open. If a lancet is used, the tool should lightly poke the skin, which can free the blackhead from the pore. Then, using the spoon-shaped side, the hole should be placed directly over the blackhead, then gentle pressure should be applied. If the blackhead does not come out with this pressure, you should not continue to attempt extraction because it can cause scarring.


If a blackhead extraction tool is not properly used, a number of problems can occur. This includes skin irritation and broken capillaries. Both of these occurrences can actually contribute to further breakouts, according to If you find your skin is especially sensitive, you may wish to refrain from using a blackhead extraction tool, as it can lead to scarring.

Expert Insight

If you have not used a blackhead removal tool before, it may be best to receive instruction from a skin-care professional as to how to properly use the tool. When performed correctly, the blackhead extraction should not be painful or complicated. A cleansing toner or perhaps cool water should be applied to the skin in order to calm it following extraction.

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