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Beyond Belief Acne Treatment System

Beyond Belief Acne Treatment System


Acne treatment systems abound, and with good reason: Acne affects up to 85 percent of young adults and teenagers every year, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. You may have heard of Beyond Belief Acne Treatment System. The three-part system, available over-the-counter, contains active ingredients that may help you clear your pimples.


Most people realize that pimples result when their pores become clogged. But it also takes excess oil in the skin and bacterial infection to produce a bad case of acne, according to Teenagers tend to get acne because they have oilier skin, and oily skin leads to more clogged pores. But people of any age can get pimples. Women suffer from them more often than men.


Beyond Belief Acne Treatment System includes three products: purifying cleanser, clarifying toner and repair lotion. The product claims to treat all skin types and acne occurring in all age groups. The directions state to use the system one to three times a day to all skin affected by acne.


Beyond Belief Acne Treatment System contains salicylic acid, a common active ingredient in acne-fighting products. According to, salicylic acid combats acne by causing your face to peel. As your face peels, the sloughed-off skin loosens clogs in pores. Side effects of salicylic acid include skin reddening and excessive peeling, and some people find it too irritating to the skin to use.


Beyond Belief Acne Treatment System received mixed but generally positive reviews at the website of Sally Beauty Supply, which also sells the product. Several people noted that it dries their skin, and two said that the active ingredient, salicylic acid, didn't work for them. However, others said the system worked as well as the ProActiv acne treatment system, which tends to cost more money.


Beyond Belief Acne Treatment System sells for about $20, while Proactiv acne treatment kits sell for closer to $45. However, over-the-counter acne products don't work for everyone, and many people find they need the help of a dermatologist and prescription medications to clear up their acne. If you've been treating your acne at home but your skin is getting worse, you may want to consider consulting a physician.

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