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Beuer Softlaser for Acne

Beuer Softlaser for Acne


While prescription medications remain the clinical standard of care for acne treatment, patients increasingly have turned to therapies involving lasers in an attempt to cure their pimples, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Dermatologists perform almost all laser treatments for acne in their offices, but personal care products manufacturer Beuer has introduced a hand-held laser device, the Softlaser, for use at home.

Acne Causes

Teenagers get acne because their surging hormones tend to drive the skin condition, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Those hormones stimulate the skin to produce excess oil, which then clogs the pores in the skin, leading to blockages called whiteheads and blackheads. Once those blockages are in place, bacteria often begins to grow in the pores, causing active pimples, inflammation and infection.


According to Beuer, patients use the Softlaser for low-level laser therapy. The laser beam from the Softlaser does not burn skin. Instead, it stimulates the skin's cells to reproduce more quickly, forming more collagen in the process. The Softlaser also promotes blood circulation in skin cells. The device's rejuvenating effects encourage existing pimples to heal, and the new skin that forms after SoftLaser use tends to be less susceptible to acne, according to Beuer.


Beuer recommends using the Softlaser daily on any acne-affected area for six to 18 minutes, and says that you can get the best results by using it twice per day for six minutes at a time. Hold the laser about one centimeter above the skin's surface, and don't rub the laser onto your skin during treatment, because doing so can spread acne-causing bacteria.


Beuer's Softlaser device does not provide as much laser power as the lasers used in physicians' offices. According to the AAD, patients who receive more powerful professional laser treatments should expect to see up to two-thirds or three-quarters of their acne resolve. However, Beuer hasn't released clinical studies to show how well the Softlaser works on acne, and no independent research exists. A few reviewers on skin care websites have noted that the device seems to work on their acne.


Beuer does not hold U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for its Softlaser device, and the company will not sell directly to U.S. residents. However, various other online sites that will sell to U.S. residents advertise the device for around $170. Beuer notes that the Softlaser holds the equivalent of FDA approval for acne and other skin conditions in Europe, but says it makes "absolutely no medical claims" in the United States, and only recommends the Softlaser for use on wrinkles and fine lines in the United States.

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