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At Home Remedy for Open Pores

At Home Remedy for Open Pores At Home Remedy for Open Pores At Home Remedy for Open Pores


Open pores make skin look dirty and dull. Skin is constantly exposed to free radicals from the environment, such as ultraviolet rays and pollution. Home remedies for open pores include many items and products that are more than likely already in your cabinet and refrigerator. Natural skin treatments are effective, environmentally friendly and less expensive than cosmetic treatments.


Pores become open when they are clogged with dirt, oil and other impurities. One of the best habits to form is removing makeup before bed. This prevents breakouts by not contributing to clogged pores. If you wash off your makeup before bed, your pores have a chance to close because they are free of clogging debris.


Use an astringent each time after washing your face (twice a day). An effective natural astringent is witch hazel. This also removes any remaining impurities in the pores that cause them to open. Other homemade astringents include cucumber slices and lemon juice. These two options must be kept in the refrigerator and discarded after one week, whereas witch hazel does not expire.


A pore-purging mask is a beneficial weekly treatment for open-pore prevention. One natural mask is Brewer's yeast. Combine Brewer's yeast with enough water to make a thick putty. Leave it on the face for twelve minutes and rinse with cool water. A deep pore-cleansing mask is yogurt combined with honey. Yogurt contains lactic acid to exfoliate the skin while cleaning out the pores. Honey contains potassium to naturally kill bacteria that clogs pores and makes them open. Leave the yogurt and honey mask on the face for 25 minutes and rinse with cool water.


Dead skin cells clog pores and give them an open appearance. Daily exfoliation is extremely important to prevent dead skin cell buildup on the face. Natural scrubs include sugar, cornmeal or cinnamon. Sugar contains glycolic acid to repair skin below the surface and prevent new cell damage. Cornmeal is more abrasive and can be mixed with a natural substance like yogurt or milk to make it more gentle. Cinnamon boosts circulation and stimulates new cell growth as it exfoliates, but it is not ideal for sensitive skin.


A healthy diet is imperative for smooth skin. Eating an abundance of refined and greasy foods boosts sebum production in the skin leading to clogged and open pores. Eat foods rich in antioxidants such as berries and green leafy vegetables, and drink plenty of water. Increase your fiber intake to ensure that toxins do not stay in the body. This will promote a healthy complexion as well as refine open pores.

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