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Are you still reluctant to use Acne Gateway 101E?

Are you still reluctant to use Acne Gateway 101E?

You must have tried a number of acne medications; both prescription and non prescription based and by now you must be quite skeptical about the results an acne medication delivers.

There is no magic formula when it comes to cure acne, however Acne Getaway 101E, has worked for more than 90,000 acne sufferers in the recent years. Here we will give you a little preview on why it works.

What is Acne Getaway 101E?
Acne Getaway 101E is an herbal tonic containing numerous plant extractions that have been proved to cure acne and enhancing skin health. Dr. Zhao and his team invented it in 1976 after 101 experiments and that is why it has been named Acne Getaway 101E.

Dr. Zhao studied hundreds of traditional plants that were thought to be effective and experimented over them. Most of the plants that were considered to be effective proved to be of no significance for acne.

It was 101st experiment of Dr. Zhao when he successfully treated patients with chronic acne and the cure was life long. After the 101st experiment, Dr. Zhao named the tonic as “Acne Getaway 101E”.

What other clues can you cite for its effectiveness?
Before 1985 Dr. Zhao moved to Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province for further research and treating hair loss and acne patients.

In 1986, at the invitation of officials, Dr. Zhao moved to Beijing and set up 101E tonic manufacturing plant and in 1988 it was marketing in China, Japan and Hong Kong.

In 1990 Prime Minister Li Peng admired for Dr. Zhao’s scientific experimental achievements.

Dr. Zhao gradually gets prominent for his experiments over acne treatment and Mr. Chen Min Zhang, Minister of Public Health met with Dr. Zhao. Prime Minister Li Peng presented an award to Dr. Zhao and Prime Minister Li Peng sent congratulations letter to Dr. Zhao for his achievements.

In 1991, Dr. Zhao was awarded by International Invention Exposition with gold medal and shield for his achievements. The news was appeared in New York Times of America.

Briefly saying, Dr. Zhao did not believe on traditional books of herbs and he himself experimented on each herb in his own laboratory and 101st experiment was successful.

Is it safe to use?
It is manufactured under advanced technology, its use is safe unless until it is used properly as advised by manufacturer and doctor.

101E Acne remedy has been proved to be effective anti-acne remedy. It was awarded several times. Most of the doctors also prescribe it. 101E is the result of Dr. Zhao 101 experiments for several years.

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