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Alternative Therapies for Acne

Alternative Therapies for Acne

Acne is a skin condition that will affect more than 40 million Americans within a year as reported by the American Academy of Dermatology. It begins at puberty and can last well into adulthood. You may be familiar with the basic treatments such as washing the skin no more than twice daily, eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water to keep the skin fully hydrated. But you may not know the alternative therapies for acne available that can help cure and prevent breakouts.

Stress Therapy

According to, stress is a known cause of acne and physical stress can cause acne breakouts as much as emotional stress. Physical stress can include lack of sleep, smoking and a hectic lifestyle. Exercise is one of the best forms of reducing stress, and incorporating a minimum of a half hour workout three times per week can greatly reduce stress. Vitamin B5 is also known to help reduce stress. Yoga and meditation are other alternative therapies to reduce stress, and therefore reduce acne.

Steam Therapy

Steam cannot only relax you, but it can help clear your pores and sweat toxins from your skin. Put green tea and a little fresh, chopped ginger in a bowl of boiled water and place a towel over your head and then over the bowl to steam your face for a minimum of 10 minutes. Green tea has detoxifying properties and is a good treatment for acne. Steam before you wash, and wash immediately following a steam to clear away the sweat and toxins at the surface of your skin. Drinking green tea helps as well.

Food Therapy

While it's known that a balanced diet will help improve the overall health of your body and skin, therefore enabling it to better fight acne, it's not commonly known that food allergies are the number one cause of acne according to Food Allergy Solutions. When you digest food you are allergic to, it causes a toxic reaction in your body, and those toxins build up as you continue to eat these foods, causing acne. Take the ELISA Food Allergy Panel to determine what foods you are or are not allergic to so you can adjust your diet appropriately.

Oatmeal Therapy

Oatmeal is one of the best treatments for the skin. If you are suffering from excess oil, cook oatmeal to create a paste and, once it has cooled off, apply over the skin like a mask. Keep it on for a minimum of 10 minutes or as long as possible. Acne Treatment recommends rinsing with cold water following the mask to close the pores back up.

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