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Affirm Relaxer Ingredients

Affirm Relaxer Ingredients Affirm Relaxer Ingredients Affirm Relaxer Ingredients

Avlon's Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System includes an array of products that feature an organic pH- balanced formula to condition hair before, during and after hair-relaxing treatments. The Avlon hair-care products are available in original and control formulas that contain sodium hydroxide, and a sensitive scalp formula that contains guanidine hydroxide. Always wear gloves when applying Affirm hair products and avoid contact with the scalp, skin and eyes.

Sodium Hydroxide

Affirm original and control formula products contain sodium hydroxide, a manufactured chemical often found in cleaning products, according to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Diseases Registry. It is important to apply products that contain sodium hydroxide only to the hair and avoid contact with the scalp. Sodium hydroxide can cause severe burns. Affirm products that contain sodium hydroxide include Protecto, designed to be applied to the full length of the hair shaft before beginning a hair-relaxing treatment. The sodium hydroxide helps smooth hair fibers to create a shiny look.

Guanidine Hydroxide

Affirm's sensitive formula products contain guanidine hydroxide. Guanidine carbonate -- one of guanidine hydroxide's parent compounds -- is considered hazardous and can cause irritation to the skin and eyes, according to material safety data published by Guanidine hydroxide's other parent compound, calcium hydroxide, can be detrimental to the respiratory system if inhaled and cause irritation. The maker of Affirm products claims that products containing guanidine hydroxide are safe to use in combination with other Affirm hair-care products, such as Gentle Assurance. This product is specifically designed for scalp sensitivity and protects the skin around the hairline. Gentle Assurance contains no irritant ingredients and washes off easily.

Other Active Ingredients

Affirm Normalizing Shampoo contains natural botanical extracts and humectants that moisturize hair and eliminate static electricity. The shampoo also contains a chemical indicator that turns the shampoo's lather from pink to white once hair is fully neutralized. The shampoo has an acid pH balance of 6.0, according to Avlon.

Affirm 5-in-1 Reconstructor is a conditioner that smoothes out hair cuticles and helps restore volume while adding shine. The conditioner's ingredients restore the hairs pH balance and are formulated to moisturize the hair.

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