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AcneFree Treatments AcneFree Treatments


AcneFree is a line of skin care products distributed by University Medical Pharmaceuticals. The products come in kits that the company compares to Proactiv. AcneFree products are available in drugstores, superstores and online. If you suffer from severe acne that does not improve with over-the-counter treatment methods, talk to your dermatologist about other options.


The standard AcneFree kit comes with cleanser, toner and an acne-fighting lotion. University Medical sells bottles of the toner and lotion online that you can purchase without buying a full kit. Separate bottles of AcneFree cleanser are available in some retail stores. The company also offers an AcneFree sport kit, which includes cleanser, nighttime acne treatment and wipes to remove sweat and oil from the skin and reapply medication. AcneFree’s severe acne bundle of products includes a cleanser, toner, repair lotion and a Retinol renewal gel.


The main active ingredient in AcneFree cleansers and acne lotions is benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is a common topical acne medication that helps clear up existing blemishes and can help prevent breakouts when used regularly. All of the ingredients in AcneFree products are non-comedogenic, which means they do not clog pores and contribute to acne. AcneFree cleansers contain small round beads to help exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Witch hazel in the toner helps dissolve oils on the skin. The acne treatment lotion contains small grains of benzoyl peroxide, allowing it to release over time.


University Medical recommends using the cleanser, toner and acne lotion once in the morning and once at night. The wipes that come with the AcneFree sport kit are designed to be portable so that you can use them anytime you need to clean your face, such as after exercising. The AcneFree kit for severe acne advises users to apply the repairing lotion after cleansing the skin and using the toner in the morning. In the evening, you should apply the Retinol complex after cleansing and using the toner.


Benzoyl peroxide is very effective in treating many cases of mild and moderate acne. The AcneFree cleanser contains 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide, while the repairing lotion contains 3.7 percent. AcneFree is available over the counter, making it easy to obtain and often cheaper than prescription medications. An independent, double-blind study conducted by Clinical Research Laboratories, Inc. in 2004 found that treatment with the AcneFree system provided better overall results by the end of the fourth week of treatment than Proactiv.

Side Effects

Many people experience skin irritation during the first three weeks of treatment with benzoyl peroxide, according to the Mayo Clinic. This irritation is usually temporary, though you may wish to apply the AcneFree repairing lotion only once per day until your skin gets used to the medication. You may also experience drying and peeling. The Mayo Clinic recommends refraining from using other acne medications while using benzoyl peroxide to decrease irritation and drying. Benzoyl peroxide can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so avoid tanning beds and use sunscreen when you go outside.

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