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Acne Treatment & Medication: Proactiv Acne Solution

Acne Treatment & Medication: Proactiv Acne Solution Acne Treatment & Medication: Proactiv Acne Solution


According to, a website of the Nemours Foundation, acne affects approximately 80 percent of preteens and teens. An estimated 17 million people in the United States have acne---this includes adults too. Acne occurs when pores become engorged with too much oil coupled with an accumulation of dead skin cells. This blocks the pore and results in the development of an acne lesion. Proactiv Acne Solution may help reduce or eliminate acne for some sufferers.

Components of Proactiv Acne Solution

Proactiv consists of three core pieces---Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Lotion, or step one, two and three. Proactiv also offers additional items that may be beneficial such as the green tea moisturizer, a special daily oil control, an oil-free moisturizer and a refining mask. These additional items help the most stubborn or severe acne. Proactiv products have a shelf life of 2 years, with the exception of the toner and refining mask which have a shelf life of 3 years.

Time Frame

According to the official Proactiv site, individuals may see results in as little as a week; however, the average user will see results in about 8 weeks. This is assuming the user follows the packaged instructions which state to use twice per day.

Proactiv Ingredients

Proactiv may be used on the face, back, chest and buttocks. The active ingredients in the cleanser, step one, consist of benzoyl peroxide, sodium hyaluronate, polyethylene and chamomile extract. Step two, the revitalizing toner, consists of aloe vera, chamomile extract, witch hazel extract, panthenol and allantoin. Step three, the repairing lotion, consists of benzoyl peroxide, allantoin and panthenol. The additional items offered by Proactiv include various combinations of the already listed ingredients and sulfur.

Proactiv Users

Proactiv is safe for users 12 years of age and older, even adults. Proactiv recommends consulting with a pediatrician or doctor prior to use.


Women who are pregnant, nursing or think they may be pregnant are strongly advised to consult with her doctor prior to using any topical acne medication. Anyone allergic to sulfur or benzoyl peroxide should not use Proactiv. Users should discontinue use if an allergic reaction should occur and report adverse events immediately. Proactiv may be used in conjunction with some acne treatment regimens, always consult a physician or pharmacist prior to use for any drug interactions.

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