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Acne Treatment for Men

Acne Treatment for Men Acne Treatment for Men


Acne is often linked to a man's teenage years. It's that time in life where your hormones are in an almost constant state of flux, causing pimples and whiteheads to crop up along the skin. Logically, you'd think that after puberty has come and gone that acne would no longer be a problem, but men of any age can suffer from periodic breakouts. Most methods of acne treatments for men are quite similar to those for women. It usually involves steps to controlling and managing the acne.


The type of acne treatment you should use is really dependent on the severity of your acne. For minor blemishes, you may only need to use basic skin care and over-the-counter acne creams to improve the appearance of your skin. For moderate cases of acne, treatment becomes a bit more aggressive, using basic skin care coupled with prescription medications, such as tretinoin, tazarotene or adapalene. As the condition of your skin worsens, you may require antibiotics, isotretinoin or laser therapy to treat your condition.


According to the Mayo Clinic, all of these acne treatments work on the same basic principles. Some try to balance the production of oil from your skin, which can reduce the chances of clogging the pores and causing a pimple to form. Others help to exfoliate the skin, which also reduce the chances of clogging as well as increases new epidermal cell growth. They also help fight off infection as well as decrease the irritation and inflammation of your pores.

Time Frame

Regardless of the type of acne treatment you're using, you most likely won't see an improvement in the appearance of your skin for anywhere between 1 and 2 months, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. This is largely due to the fact that most acne treatments don't actually treat the blemishes. They're more concerned with preventing additional breakouts, so it takes this amount of time for the pimples or whiteheads to heal on their own.


The most obvious benefit of acne treatments is controlling and preventing additional breakouts. But there are other beneficial factors not often discussed, including permanent scarring and emotional health. When acne is effectively treated, you're reducing your chances of permanent skin imperfections caused by acne as well as emotional distress and issues with self-esteem. Clear skin can provide you with a newfound confidence.


Once your skin has cleared, you'll need to use basic skin care techniques to prevent addition breakouts. The Mayo Clinic recommends washing your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser as well as daily bathing to clean the rest of your skin. Moisturizers and other face products, like after-shaves and sunscreens, should be oil-free and water-based. Avoid touching your face excessively, as this can increase the level of oil on your skin, prompting the formation of acne.

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