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Acne Symptoms on the Face

Acne Symptoms on the Face Acne Symptoms on the Face

Acne is a non-life threatening skin condition that can appear on the face. Whether it is a mild or severe case, it can still cause you to become self-conscious when it develops. Because you often look at your face in the mirror, symptoms of acne are easy to recognize.

Closed Comedo

The sebaceous glands are responsible for producing sebum which ushers dead skin cells to the top of the skin through follicles. When these follicles get clogged with an accumulation of dead cells and sebum, a plug can develop. This is a called a comedo. A closed comedo is also known as a whitehead. These are small, flesh-colored bumps that stay closed on the skin.


A comedo that pops up out of the duct on the skin is called a blackhead or open comedone. Contrary to popular belief, these are not black because they have dirt in them. They are black due to oxidation of skin pigments that takes place when the dead skin cells and sebum are exposed to air. Both blackheads and whiteheads are milder symptoms of facial acne.


When acne becomes more serious, pustules can develop. These are bumps that become tender and red, and they form pus that is visible. These are preceded by the formation of papules which are small red bumps that appear without pus. Papules and pustules signify that an infection is present.


When acne becomes more advanced, lumps underneath the skin can develop that are large and painful. These are called nodules and they are caused when the secretions deep inside the follicles become excessive. These nodules are hard when you touch them and they do not contain pus. Nodules can flare up and go away several times until they are treated.


When acne has reached its most severe point, cysts form. These are large bumps that are infected, red in color and filled with pus. Cysts are also classified as having a diameter of at least 5mm and they can be painful when you touch them. Both cysts and nodules can lead to scars and possibly disfigurement.

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