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Acne Removal Devices

Acne Removal Devices Acne Removal Devices

Over-the-counter treatments for acne are common and most acne sufferers are familiar with prescription acne treatments. However, acne removal devices are a bit less familiar. While there is nothing that will give you an overnight cure or pull the acne out, there are devices that can aid in the treatment of acne and speed up healing considerably.

Zeno Acne Clearing Device

This at-home acne removal device is designed to attack individual acne blemishes. The company claims the device will eliminate or fade 90 percent of blemishes within 24 hours, and backs up their claims within a review. The device is all-natural, treating the blemish with a regulated heating device, and it is FDA approved for the treatment of acne.

Laser Devices

According to the, several types of lasers are used to treat acne. Diode, Pulsed Dye, Pulsed Light and Heat Energy (LHE) and Isolaz are the different types of laser devices used to treat acne. Lasers work to kill the bacterial infection within the acne, and research is showing there may be damage to the oil gland preventing them from producing as much oil. The treatment is fairly new, and while studies have shown dramatic improvement in acne, results have not been permanent and not supported with enough evidence yet.

Light Devices

According to, light therapy is usually administered by light devices for at-home treatments. Lights typically emit a blue or blue and red light. The blue light works to kill the bacteria causing the infection within the acne. The red light is thought to reduce inflammation and improve healing. Light devices usually require you to sit very close to them for 30 to 60 minutes twice per day. Not enough research has been done to determine and support effectiveness.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Devices

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) uses a combination of drugs and light devices to clear acne. The drug, a photosensitizer, is absorbed by specific cell types and a special light source. When used together, the specific cell types targeted are killed. A device with blue, red or laser light is used after the drug has been administered and given time to absorb into the cells of the hyperactive sebaceous glands.

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