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Acne Remedy for African-Americans

Acne Remedy for African-Americans

African Americans usually have dark skin which reflects high melanin concentration and encounter with challenging harsh environments. Dark skin is usually prone to develop cystic acne.
Cystic acne is a common type of acne with cysts inside blackheads or whiteheads. Cystic acne is a little severe form of acne. Treating black skin acne is a challenging task for dermatologists and biochemists due to excessive pigmentation and sebum fluctuation.

Acne breakout in dark skinned people is usually due to extreme dry and extreme oily skin; however dry skin is common in African Americans and other ethic groups from Asia or Africa.

Treating Dark Skin Acne:
You can treat your dark skin acne in several ways. But the question arises what method is safe for you and what may cause de-pigmentation and discoloration?You can use both herbal and synthetic remedies, but synthetic remedies may cause discoloration and whitish patches over your dark skin which will look quite ugly to see.

Herbal Treatment for Dark Skin Acne:
Although dark skin is different from white skin, the causes of acne are somewhat similar. Cystic acne appears as papules and pustules. When excessive sebum is produced, it clogs hair follicles. Thus, herbal treatment for normalization of hormonal fluctuation that stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum is the best. It never produces skin discoloration and de-pigmentation that appears as white patches. Herbal cleansers, lotions, creams and soaps are all herbal remedies for acne.

Herbal lotions rapidly penetrate into deep skin layers and normalize sebum production. Astringents in herbal remedies destroy bacterial colonies within hair follicles while anti-inflammatory agents reduce inflammation and allow the sebum to discharge easily.

Apply the cleanser twice a day and massage gently in upward motion. Rinse off the cleanser after few minutes. Now pat dry your face and do not use towel to dry.

Do not use harsh soaps and moisturizing creams unless your dermatologist recommends.

Synthetic Treatments for Dark Skin Acne:
Using synthetic lotions and creams may result in severe side effects and skin discoloration. Although all drugs are effective for acne in black skinned people, but skin discoloration is the foremost issue for their higher melanin production and pigmentation. Thus, avoid synthetic remedies whether to use orally or topically.

Most synthetic remedies contain vitamin D for skin health, but this remedy is useful for having white skin and can be damaging for having black skin. Black skinned people do not need enough vitamin D as compare to white people. Excessive melanin produces vitamin D using sunlight. Thus, excessive vitamin D may cause toxicity.

Treating black skin acne is a little challenging due to excessive pigmentation or melanin. Synthetic remedies may cause discoloration and white patches. Herbal remedies are safest in treating black skin acne.

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