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Acne Medicine While Pregnant

Acne Medicine While Pregnant Acne Medicine While Pregnant


Because acne is often related to hormonal swings, pregnancy can cause your acne to worsen or occur--even if you have never experienced acne before. Normally, you would just utilize an over-the-counter or even prescription acne treatment, but the rules change a little when you realize your baby may be affected by the acne medications you use.


Certain medications and topical applications are definitely restricted when pregnant. These include Accutane, whose generic name is isotretinoin; Retin-A, whose generic name is tretinoin; and tetracycline, which is an oral antibiotic that kills the p. acnes bacteria that can contribute to acne, according to the American Pregnancy Association.


Taking Accutane while pregnant carries with it the possibility of experiencing birth defects, such as heart, nervous system and craniofacial defects, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Also, Tetracycline is associated with impaired bone growth and tooth discoloration. However, it may be used while breastfeeding. Although Retin-A is a topical application, the American Pregancy Association estimates less than 10 percent still passes into the bloodstream, and can result in harmful effects in your baby.


Examples of ingredients that are generally considered safe include azelaic acid or sulfur-based products, according to She Knows. Benzoyl peroxide also is listed as safe for use, according to the American Pregnancy Association. These items are available in a variety of forms, including spot treatments, lotions, creams or face washes. Following a proper cleansing routine also can help to reduce the amount of oil in your pores that can lead to acne.


If you find you have taken an acne medication in error or discover you are pregnant while taking an acne medication that is on the "Warning" list, notify your dermatologist and obstetrician, according to She Knows. For this reason, it's a good idea to tell your dermatologist if you are considering becoming pregnant. Your dermatologist can likely find a different, baby-safe medication for you.

Expert Insight

Check with your physician before utilizing any acne medications--even over-the-counter--while pregnant. Also, many over-the-counter acne medications are labeled as safe for use during pregnancy. Carefully read the fine print of any acne treatment label in order to see if it is safe before using.

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