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Acne Mechanica

Acne Mechanica Acne Mechanica Acne Mechanica
Acne Mechanica
Acne Mechanica is a type of acne that occurs when the skin is exposed to heat, undergoing repetitive friction, covered for a long period of time or is under excess pressure.
The reason for this can be tight or synthetic clothing, which keeps on rubbing against the skin not allowing it to breathe properly or the pressure of heavy backpacks on the shoulders of a person. Almost anybody can become victim of Acne machanica but the most common people are:
  • Musicians who tuck musical instruments around their necks for long period of time. These include violin players who tuck violin against their neck when playing which usually causes acne below their ear.
  • Children or mountain climbers who carry heavy bags on their shoulders and keep on suffering from constant friction due to the strap. These straps bite into the skin and become real cause of acne breakouts.
  • Soldiers wearing uniforms throughout the day and carrying heavy loads on their back or performing high activity jobs. These soldiers usually operate in extreme temperatures where the heat and humidity when combines with pressure and friction caused by these activities aggravates the condition of the skin resulting in inflammation and breakout.
  • Factory employees performing repetitive tasks that may irritate the skin.
  • Athletes or sport players wearing tight headbands, shoulder pads or helmets that may irritate or rub against the skin. Hockey players, football players, soccer players, runners and motorcycle riders usually become victim of this type of acne.
  • Swimmers wearing tight swimming suits.
  • Men and women wearing tight garments or under garments made up of synthetic material. These include bras with tight straps that bite into the skin, blue jeans, tight underwear etc.
  • People suffering through physical skin trauma in which they have Small undeveloped cuts and wounds on the skin, which are nearly invisible but are rough and painful to touch. This is known as sand paper acne and occurs as a result of sport helmets, straps or tight bands. Pimples developed as a result of sand paper Acne when suffer through excess pressure, friction, sweating or heat becomes more active and inflamed giving rise to acne mechanica.
  • People who have a tendency of developing non-facial acne such as the one in their shoulders, back or buttock in their 20s have an high risk of developing acne mechanica.
  • People living in cold countries who wear Tight fur caps for long periods of time in order to protect themselves from cool breeze.
  • Sticky tapes that remains on the skin for several days.

Acne mechanica does not occur during any particular age and is also not associated with any type of skin condition or disorder besides sand paper acne. Acne mechanica only affects when the skin becomes vulnerable due to extra pressure, heat or tightening or when the body have the tendency of developing body acne. It also occurs when the already present small blackheads and white heads suffer through extra amount of mechanical pressure and friction. Acne Mechanica affects different parts of the body such as face, shoulders, neck, back, under arms or thighs and is also known as sports-induced acne.

Like all other types of Acne, Acne Mechanica can also be treated and avoided in a number of ways:

  • Wear loose fitting clothes especially clothes made up of cotton that allows your skin to breathe properly, absorbs all the sweat and keeps you cool even in the hottest of weathers. You can also wear a clean cotton T-Shirt under your regular clothes such as army uniform or sport costumes in order to reduce the friction against the skin.
  • Either Completely Avoid wearing headbands or caps or don wear them for long period of time.
  • Avoid repetitive or constant pressure and friction on any particular area on the skin due to any object.
  • Avoid sweating by washing yourself especially your chest, buttocks and areas that were under constant pressure immediately after any rigorous physical activity. This protects your pores from closing.
  • Make a habit of keeping your skin clean by washing it with liquid cleansers that are useful for removing surface oils and prevent clogging of the pores.

Acne mechanica should be treated and handled carefully in order to protect the blackheads and pimples from turning into cysts. As cysts can be more painful and difficult to treat and sometimes may turn into scars. There are many people who can not avoid things which put excessive pressure and friction on their skin which leads to acne mechanica, these people should take extra care of their skin once they get over with their heavy professional duties.

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