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Acne Inversa

Acne Inversa Acne Inversa Acne Inversa

Acne inversa is perhaps the worst and most painful type of acne there is. Acne inversa does not appear in any specific form, but it is similar to small inflamed and infected lesions found in clusters.
Lesions may turn into fluid filled cavities called abscesses. Though its breakouts occur in hidden regions of your body like armpits, people are concerned for their painfulness and pus discharging. Usually acne inversa is limited to areas dense in apocrine sweat glands; however, they may occur in any skin-to-skin contact region. Acne inversa resemble boils that is why it is often misdiagnosed. Acne inversa is totally different from usual and common acne, while acne vulgaris may flare up in any region irrespective of existence of apocrine glands and their secretion. The lesions are reddish in color and lumpy fluid or pus filled in texture. They are odorous due to pus drainage from the lesions when they are exerted pressure. Acne inversa is common in people having family history of developing acne conglobata and other types of severe acne. Studies show that 80% of people having acne inversa are smokers. There isn’t any single cause associated with acne inversa, but excessive production of androgenic hormones especially in puberty is the leading cause ever believed. Excessive androgenic hormones trigger apocrine sweat glands to produce more secretion. The excessive secretion is restricted within vesicles due to follicular occlusion. Therefore, the vesicle restricted secretion cause bacterial infection and inflammation of apocrine glands. Due to follicular occlusion and overproduction of sweat, the walls of hair follicles are inflamed and damaged and the condition is known as perifolliculitis. As acne inversa is a chronic disorder, it is difficult to predict its cure and duration, but usually it last in 1 to 2 years. Breakouts of acne inversa significantly reflect imbalanced hormones, weak immune system etc. Therefore, acne inversa is defined as chronic, recurrent infected and inflamed lumps like abscesses discharging extremely odorous pus.

Acne inversa usually flare up in people who are overweight and people living in areas of extreme weather. Normally anybody may develop acne inversa, but it is far common in countries where obesity is common trend. Women are four times more affected with the disorder than men; the reason behind this is largely unknown.

The disorder occurs usually during summer time when excessive sweat is secreted from hidden areas. Orienting towards age, the disorder most commonly develops during puberty and after menopause. People more sexually active and having increased amounts of androgenic hormones suffer from this disorder during their entire teenage or post adolescence. The disorder may recur in any age even though it was successfully treated. But few conditions apply for recurrence:

  • Extreme hot weather
  • Imbalanced androgenic Hormones
  • Weak Immune System
  • Persistent Smoking
  • Breakouts of Common Acne like conglobata
  • Irregular baths
These are the common conditions and may not be strictly followed. It is extremely painful and traumatic condition. People are embarrassed to discus disorder even with their physicians, friends and family members. People get frustrated as long as the disorder persist and may develop psychological disorders like Sociophobia, panic attacks etc, but these disorders are rare. The disorder often develops unnoticed and the symptoms gradually aggravate. Thus, people get aware of the disorder when it reaches its severity.

Acne inversa usually occur in hidden areas of body or places where there is skin-to-skin contact like breast, groin, armpits, belly, buttocks, etc. The lesions are few mm to several cm in diameter and the infection may spread the entire hidden region such as the entire armpits, skin-to-skin contacts of breast and buttocks. Though acne inversa is caused by imbalanced hormones, people consider it as the disorder of uncleanness, delayed washing habits that spread the bacterial infection. People consider the disorder as contagious while in practice, it is not contagious.

Acne disorder develops when bacteria infect the apocrine sweat glands or imbalance hormones stimulate them to produce excessive sebum. For preventing acne inversa, you should take balanced nutrition rich in vitamins and minerals, have regular bath, trim the hair of hidden areas such as armpits as hair contribute in populating bacterial colonies and use any suitable herbal skin care tonics. Losing weigh does help prevent the symptoms as skin-to-skin contact is reduced. Vitamins and minerals regulate hormonal imbalance and strengthen the weak immune system.

Acne inversa is chronic and recurrent disorder of developing infected and inflamed lumps or lesions similar to boils and abscesses. The lesions secrete extremely odorous pus annoying the patient more severely than the pain itself. Hormonal imbalances, obesity, lack of essential nutrients and bacterial infection are the leading causes. Acne inversa usually occurs in areas of skin-to-skin contact. Therefore, taking balanced nutrition, having regular bath, trimming hair where you may encounter sweat and losing excessive body weight helps prevent this disorder. The disorder is not contagious. People with family history of acne conglobata are more prone to develop acne inversa.

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