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Acne Home Light Treatment Review

Acne Home Light Treatment Review Acne Home Light Treatment Review


Both blue and red LED, hand-held, lights are used for the home treatment of acne. Blue light kills the bacteria, while the red light regenerates cell growth. Red light is also used to treat acne rosacea.

Use Daily

This is not an overnight cure and daily sessions of between 15 and 30 minutes are recommended. Results may be seen in eight to 12 weeks if the lamp is used every day. It can be used for the face, or any other area of the body


According to the British Journal of Dermatology, the output power of the light is particularly important. The blue light should be between 405 and 420nm while the red, between 655 and 665nm. No side effects have been reported.


Most professional acne lights seem to work well. However, there is some doubt about the effectiveness of many of the home-use ones which may not be powerful enough. Check the specifications thoroughly before you buy.

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