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Acne Cyst

Acne Cyst Acne Cyst

Cyst is a liquid or semi-fluid filled sac formed due to severe infection. Acne lesion in sever form may contain one or several cysts. Bacteria and protozoans build a sac like structure around themselves for longer and successful survival.
Bacteria and protozoans within the sac or cyst are more stable and their colonies can not be destroyed with common antibiotics. The only solution of coping with cystic infection is to remove the cyst from the lesion.

How does cyst form within acne lesion?
Formation of cyst begins with the infection of hair follicles. Bacteria or protozoans enter the hair follicles and feed on your body's nutrients. Your immune system recognizes their presence and takes action by producing antibodies. White blood cells engulf bacteria to destroy their colonies. In case the infection and bacterial attack is severe, immune system is unable to destroy bacterial colonies but still sending white blood cells and antibodies towards the infected zone.

On the other side, sebaceous glands secrete excessive sebum that is restricted within narrowed and inflamed follicles. At this juncture, a mixture of sebum, bacteria and white blood cells forms called plaque or puss.

Bacteria or protozoans build a sac like structure around their colonies for protection and longer survival within your skin. The sac later forms a lump of bacteria and semi-fluid liquid.

An acne lesion may contain one or several cysts depending upon the severity of the infection. Such acne breakouts are termed as cystic acne. Cystic acne is one of the severe forms of acne.

Risks & Complications of the Cyst:
If the infection of cystic acne persists and left untreated properly, it may convert into abscess. Abscess is a more complicated cystic lesion that contains semi-solid masses and fluids.
When cystic acne or cyst enters this condition, there is no treatment except surgical removal of the mass.

Your surgeon may use topical anesthesia to relief pain and you will be conscious of what is being done. After few hours of surgical removal of the cyst, you will be able to perform your daily activities.

How can I prevent cyst formation?
Weak immune system is the leading factors involved in cysts formation. Apply topical skin care lotions that contain astringents to destroy bacterial colonies and reduce inflammation.

Rinse the face at least twice a day with baby soap and pat it dry. Do not use towel and apply the lotion massaging the skin upward.

Acne cysts are semi-solid masses within pimple, papules and pustules. They form due to severe bacterial infection and its immune response. A cyst is filled with pus formed of sebum, white blood cells bacteria.

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