Acne treatment Acne treatment

Acne Antibiotics

Acne Antibiotics Acne Antibiotics

You are tired of your acne problem and want to get rid of it at any cost. You are willing to try any acne treatment that is claiming to remove acne from your skin.
You just can't wait to get a clear skin and ask your dermatologist to treat it as soon as possible. Guess what! The dermatologist will prescribe acne antibiotic for you.

Having faith on this treatment you started it immediately and wow it really helped in the beginning. It started curing your acne condition initially. You became so excited to see it and kept taking it without knowing what you are going to face ahead.

After some time you started noticing that this antibiotic drug is getting less and less effective. You feared that this is going to stop working. Alas! You were right. It really stopped working and left your acne worse then it was ever before.

What Went Wrong?

You wonder what went wrong right in the middle of the treatment. Well there is a strong reason the acne antibiotic stopped working and later on made your skin condition worse. Your acne antibiotic treatment actually caused the acne bacteria to transform into super-strain acne bacteria.

Acne antibiotic treatment kills off the acne bacteria in your system. But the problem is that your skin still contains all the ingredients for acne bacteria to grow. These bacteria eventually re-infect your skin...but this time they get smarter. They transform so they can resist the acne antibiotic. They become harder to kill and more of the acne antibiotic is required to kill them. But these bacteria keep becoming tougher and at one point no amount of acne antibiotics will work. The bacteria has become "ant-biotic resistant".

Acne antibiotic treatment can actually cause serious damage to your internal system that makes your acne worse. These acne antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria in your body side by side killing the acne causing bacteria. After friendly bacteria are killed, unfriendly bacteria start growing quickly.

Friendly bacteria are little worriers that have ability to fight with bad bacteria. Acne antibiotic treatment like tetracycline or minocycline wipe out friendly bacteria completely, which cause bad bacteria to take over, which causes mycotoxins to build up in your system...which weakens your liver like nothing else...which lead to acne that's worse than ever.

Which Acne Treatment Should I Use Then?

Why using risky medications while there is a completely safe herbal formula named Acne Getaway 101E to cure your all types of acne. Put a full stop to all your worries regarding acne because now you have a clear chance to get a clearer and glowing skin. 101E Acne Getaway helps you to get rid of your acne in matter of just weeks without worsening your acne affected skin and harming your overall health.

It hydrolyzes your skin, working effectively on the sebaceous glands and moisturizing your skin. Just in unlikely case that you do not see any improvement in your skin within 30 days of use, your money will be returned. So go and try "101E Acne Getaway" today!

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