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Accutane & Its Benefits

Accutane & Its Benefits Accutane & Its Benefits Accutane & Its Benefits

Accutane is the brand name of the drug isotretinoin, which treats acne. It is an effective last recourse for acne treatment when other medications and strategies have failed. Because of its strength, there are many side effects and potential dangers associated with Accutane. The drug is usually prescribed only after other methods of acne control are deemed ineffective. Millions of patients have taken Accutane, with half of them permanently cured of acne.


Accutane is a variation of vitamin A and occurs naturally in the body. Its benefits and side effects are not unlike high doses of this vitamin. To avoid the dangers of excessive vitamin A levels, this vitamin should not be taken as a supplement during Accutane treatment.


The most significant benefit of Accutane is the permanent cure it provides to many patients who have suffered from the poor quality of life often associated with severe acne. According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, those who respond well to Accutane never require acne treatment again in their lives. The Accutane program usually lasts half a year, after which it is permanently discontinued. Traces of the drug are naturally eliminated from the body within nine days of stopping treatment.

Birth Defects

Although all drugs can cause side effects, the risks with Accutane are particularly severe and warrant consideration up front. Birth defects are the most serious problems that result from Accutane treatment. Pregnancy must be avoided, and use of Accutane is dependent on a signed pledge of using birth control during treatment. Additional side effects include chapped lips, irritated skin and eyes, and nosebleeds.


Before anyone can begin Accutane treatment, they must be enrolled in the iPLEDGE program. This ensures that all Accutane users are fully aware of all risks and have signed documents attesting to this. This is a benefit to Accutane treatment that most medications do not enjoy. The iPLEDGE program guarantees that all Accutane patients are completely aware of potential side effects. This minimizes dangers from treatment that might otherwise occur if patients were ignorant of how diet and sexual activity could lead to serious complications.

No Antibiotics

Many acne medications use antibiotic ingredients in their composition. These drugs might be taken for long periods of time, exposing the body to daily antibiotic therapy for years. Long-term use of antibiotics might be effective, but it is also potentially harmful. A benefit of Accutane is the lack of antibiotics in its ingredients.

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