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About Zenmed Derma Cleanse Acne Treatment

About Zenmed Derma Cleanse Acne Treatment About Zenmed Derma Cleanse Acne Treatment


Acne sufferers have long endured the pain of skin irritation, inflammation and a less-than-desirable appearance. Though there are numerous products in the marketplace that purport to reduce or heal the problem, most work only on the skin's surface, treating the symptom rather than the root cause. Because of the sensitivity of inflamed skin, users may experience adverse reactions if the product's components contain harsh chemicals or additives. Zenmed Derma Cleanse Acne Treatment is one of the few formulas available that uses natural botanical elements to assist in the healing process.

What Causes Acne

A healthy body is one in which the organs do an efficient job of eliminating toxins. The liver and skin are the main organs that flush debris out of the system in order to keep the body in healthy condition. The skin's job is to shed old cells in order to make way for new skin formation. If these cells are not properly disposed of they stick together, clogging the pores and thereby trapping oil and bacteria. As the bacteria proliferate due to a lack of oxygen, irritation and infection occurs, leading to pimples and acne.

Why Botanicals

Skin that is already irritated is more likely to become more inflamed when harsh chemicals are applied to it. Zenmed has the advantage of a botanical formula, which causes no irritation and can be used on all types of skin, including sensitive skin. With the proper combination of botanicals along with alpha and beta hydroxy acids and salicylic, ascorbic, lactic acids, the formula helps to balance the production of sebum, clean debris from the skin, and prevent dead skin cells from accumulating.

The Elements in Zenmed Acne Treatment

Zenmed Acne Treatment is actually a three-part package that includes a botanical cleanser, a topical gel and an herbal formula. The cleanser is chock-full of herbs and other botanicals, avoiding typical ingredients like sulfur and alcohol, which can be harsh on irritated or inflamed skin. The cleanser is created to penetrate deep into the pores without causing dryness. The gel contains a natural antibacterial in the form of tea tree oil, which is an exceptional healing agent. The herbal formula is made with Chinese herbs along with burdock and dandelion, which help to cleanse the bloodstream of toxins that cause malfunctioning of organs, allowing them to return to their normal functioning.

Treating the Cause

When treating acne, it is not enough to treat the symptoms. You need to need to look at what is impeding the detoxification process. If the liver is not able to efficiently remove waste from the system, toxins will build up, eventually affecting the skin. Using Zenmed in conjunction with a liver cleanse will help fortify the liver's ability to clean the body of waste. The skin's condition is a direct reflection of organ function, meaning that a healthy diet that supports liver and kidney function will help heal skin conditions much faster than relying on a skin formula to do all the work, no matter how good the formula is.

Getting the Most out of Zenmed

According to a report from the website Natural Acne Treatments, using Zenmed for three to four weeks and then switching to a liver cleanse protocol will help the body to eliminate toxins more effectively. After a few weeks of liver cleansing, returning to Zenmed will have greater effect as it will be working in tandem with the liver to clear up acne as the body's ability to detox naturally becomes stronger.

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