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About Panoxyl Acne Medicine

About Panoxyl Acne Medicine About Panoxyl Acne Medicine


According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the acne cycle starts when extra oil blocks the pores leading to the surface of your skin. Bacteria grow in the oil deposits and irritate the surrounding tissue. If oil accumulates close to the surface, you'll develop whiteheads or blackheads. If it's deeper in the pores, you'll notice pimples and deeper deposits cause pus-filled cysts. PanOxyl acne medicines are manufactured by Stiefel Laboratories to treat various parts of the acne cycle.


Stiefel Laboratories offers PanOxyl in a variety of forms, including a facial wash, cleansing bar, spot treatment, cleansing lotion, exfoliating solution, conditioner and facial wash. Most PanOxyl products contain various strengths of benzoyl peroxide, while the exfoliating solution contains salicylic acid. Concentrated PanOxyl products like acne spot treatments contain 10 percent benzoyl peroxide, while the facial wash is made with 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide.


According to, benzoyl peroxide products fight acne by killing bacteria, peeling away dead or dying skin cells and drying up the excess oil that starts the acne cycle. Stiefel Labs says the exfoliating solution with salicylic acid cleans and unplugs pores, exfoliates dead skin cells and helps prevent new acne breakouts.


While PanOxyl products are readily available in stores and online, the Mayo Clinic says benzoyl peroxide isn't safe for everyone. If you have eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, ask your health care provider before purchasing any PanOxyl products. Because benzoyl peroxide interacts with tobacco, alcohol, other medicines and some foods, you should talk with your doctor to see if it's right for you before using it.

Correct Use

PanOxyl products are medications and should be used according to label directions. For example, according to, you should wash acne lesions with a PanOxyl facial bar for one to two minutes, rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry with a towel.


Too much benzoyl peroxide can cause serious skin irritation, according to Medline Plus. Keep PanOxyl products away from your lips or eyes, the inside of your nose and the sensitive skin on your neck. Because benzoyl peroxide makes your skin more sensitive to light, you should limit your time in the sunlight or in tanning booths while you are using these products. PanOxyl products with benzoyl peroxide can interact with sunscreens that contain para-aminobenzoic acid, or PABA, and temporarily discolor your skin, says

Side Effects

According to the Mayo Clinic, benzoyl peroxide products can cause temporary side effects, including mild redness, peeling, stinging or warmth of the skin where they're applied. Some people have more severe burning, blistering, crusting, swelling or marked redness of the skin. Notify your doctor if the temporary effects don't go away or if you have any of the more severe effects.

Time Frame

PanOxyl products can irritate your skin for several weeks, making your acne worse before it gets better. However, according to, you should see a significant improvement in your acne symptoms within two to three weeks of beginning treatment.

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