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About Homeopathic Acne Medicine

About Homeopathic Acne Medicine About Homeopathic Acne Medicine


Acne medications are plentiful in pharmacies and cosmetic aisles everywhere. Commercial products for the common acne sufferer include scrubs, masks, spot treatments and a plethora of other blemish control products. Homeopathic medicines differ from these formulas. They are used in a system of medicine that encompasses other factors for treating acne. According to Dr. Rehana Khan, homeopathic treatments focus on the patient as a person as well as on his pathological condition.


Homeopathic medications are valid treatments for acne. According to the Australian Homeopathic Association, homeopathy is now used worldwide, with a 200-year history of clinical experience. In addition, the homeopathic approach is recognized by the World Health Organization as an acceptable form of health care.


Homeopathic medicines for acne represent one facet of the whole treatment. The medicines are selected after a full personal examination and case analysis. To identify the best medication for an individual's acne condition, a registered homeopath gathers medical history information as well as a constitution, or a person's physical and mental makeup.


According to Dr. Khan, the most common homeopathic acne medication for chronic acne is sulphur. Other homeopathic medications include belladonna--an herb used for centuries to treat menstrual symptoms, headaches and inflammation, according to MedlinePlus--and pulsatilla, an herb derived from the wildflower, traditionally used for earaches, urinary and menstrual disorders.


Homeopathic medicines are considered safe, causing few or no side effects. They are derived from a multitude of sources, such as plants, animals and minerals and prepared under strict guidelines controlled by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), according to the Australian Homeopathy Association. The medications are available as tablets, liquids, granules and powders, which work to stimulate the body's defenses to fight acne without the use of chemicals that may present harmful side effects.


Homeopathic acne medications also may be combined with over-the-counter acne products containing benzoyl peroxide, resorcinol or salicylic acid as a main ingredient. These medications may help diminish oil and increase skin shedding (clearing the pores of dead cells). However, excessive use of facial scrubs, astringents and masks is not recommended because they tend to irritate skin, which can aggravate acne, according to Dr. Khan.

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