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About Exposed Acne Products

About Exposed Acne Products About Exposed Acne Products About Exposed Acne Products


Exposed acne treatment is one of the top-selling acne products on the market today. Through a combination of "powerful scientific actives" and "soothing natural extracts" it claims to treat and prevent acne "in ways that were previously thought impossible," treating existing acne and preventing the formation of new acne.

The Formula

According to its website, Exposed acne treatment contains several anti-acne actives that were chosen through extensive research for their acne-fighting power when used in combination. These actives include alpha and beta hydroxy acids, green tea extract, micronized benzoyl peroxide, olive leaf extract and tea tree oil. The formula also contains ingredients that sooth the skin and help reduce signs of aging, including allantoin, alpha lipoic acid, aloe vera extract, hyaluronic acid and licorice root extract.

Foundation Products

The Exposed acted treatment line includes a range of products designed to help clear acne from every angle. The foundation products include a cleanser, toner, day-time and night-time serum and a moisturizer. These are the products that are used on a daily basis.

The Facial Cleanser is the first step and "rich yet gentle", soap-free, non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic. It includes skin-clearing and skin-soothing ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid and olive leaf extract.

The Clearing Tonic helps unclog clogged pores and balance the skin. It is also non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic and contains hydroxy acids and witch hazel, which prevents the formation of bacteria on the skin.

The Acne Treatment Serum is applied during the day to help fight existing acne. It includes micronized benzoyl and olive leaf extract that go deep into the pores killing acne-causing bacteria.

The Clear Pore Serum is used at night and is a lightweight gel that clears pores and balances the skin. It contains vitamins and antioxidants to improve the health and look of the skin.

The Moisture Complex is oil-free, non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic and good for people with dry or combination skin. It contains ingredients to balance skin, prevent aging, and protect skin from the sun.

Additional Products

The Exposed product line also includes additional products that can help increase the effectiveness of the daily products. These include a mask, a scrub and a daily supplement.

The Clarifying Mask uses sulfur and resorcinol to kill bacteria deep within the skin. It also includes kaolin and bentonite, which detoxify and tone the skin.

The Microderm Scrub exfoliates skin with corundum crystals, which gently remove dead skin and impurities that can cause acne. It also contains chamomile and grape seed which soothe the skin and provide antioxidants.

The Probiotic Complex is a daily dietary supplement that contains natural probiotics and prebiotics that balance intestinal micro-flora, which is necessary for clear skin and a strong immune system.

How It Works

According to its website, Exposed acne treatment differs from other anti-acne products on the market because its system contains multiple acne-fighting ingredients that work to clear acne from all angles. Exposed's "special synergistic system" contains powerful ingredients that when combined kill bacterial, unclog pores, balance sebum production levels and reduce redness and irritation. Exposed claims that unlike other products, which tend to work for a while and then lose effectiveness, its product will work for years to come.

Reviews reports that Exposed Acne solution is its highest-rated acne treatment. Users were impressed with its acne-clearing capability and reported that it did not irritate their skin like other similar products. They liked the speed with which it worked, the one-year money back guarantee, and the "impressive natural and scientific ingredients." One drawback was the price, which they said is "a little more expensive than some lower-end lines". gave Exposed 4.5 out of 5 stars overall and 5 out of 5 stars for effectiveness and ease of use. They reported that it worked fast and was a great value. Among the drawbacks they reported were its inability to treat deeper forms of acne or treat acne from within, and that although it improves acne in the short-term, it fails to solve the longer-term problem of acne.

Where to Get it

Exposed acne treatment is only available online at The products are available individually or in kits that are specially priced to lower the price-per-product when purchased together. All products include a one-year money back guarantee.

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