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About Concealer

About Concealer About Concealer


Most women who wear makeup regularly have at least one favorite concealer for their faces. The purpose of concealer is to cover spots, scars, discoloration or any other skin flaws, and according to, the right concealer can hide dark circles, too. You can find concealer at the makeup counter in most department stores and close to the foundation at drug stores and discount stores.

Types of Concealer

Concealers come in different forms. Liquid concealer is best for people with dry skin, according to Woman Junction. Solid concealer does the best job of hiding scars, bruises and pimples. Stick concealer provides the best coverage for direct application on a specific spot.

Colors of Concealer

For covering slightly discolored areas of the skin, use a concealer color slightly lighter than your foundation. Beauty expert Bobbi Brown recommends a concealer with a yellow tone that is a shade lighter than your skin tone to conceal dark circles. For bluish circles beneath your eyes, recommends using a concealer with a peach tone. Add green or blue eye shadow to concealer if you want to hide ruddiness or broken capillaries, Woman Junction advises.

Tips and Tricks

The art of applying concealer involves knowing some tips and tricks for the best natural coverage. To prevent the concealer from looking dry later in the day, dab on some eye gel or cream and blot it with a small amount of powder, Woman Junction suggests. Apply it with your fingertip or with a small brush. If you don't have concealer with a yellow tone, add a small amount of yellow eye shadow to your concealer to hide dark circles. If you run out of concealer, use the concentrated foundation around the edges or from the cap of the container, since it is slightly thicker and will provide a thicker coverage.

How to Apply

Proper application of concealer is as important as choosing the correct one. Start out with a light touch because you can always add more if it's not enough. The key is to even out your skin tone without making it obvious. Woman Junction recommends using a brush for application to help you put it where you need it. If you like using your fingers for application, use the ring finger, because you're less likely to apply too much pressure on thin or delicate skin.

When to Apply

Woman Junction recommends using concealer after you apply your foundation if you use a solid or liquid foundation. If you use a foundation that is one of the cream-to-powder types, apply the concealer first.

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