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About Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser

About Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser


Skin has thousands of pores, tiny holes in the skin that excrete sweat. Occasionally, these pores become clogged by the sweat that has combined with dead skin cells on the skin's surface. When clogged, bacteria builds up on the inside, causing acne. A blackhead is a non-inflammatory type of acne that appears on the skin as black dots in the pores. Extracting blackheads can cause scarring and more acne; leaving them in the skin is also not an attractive look. The Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser helps remove and prevent blackheads without the side effects that extracting them yourself might cause.


The Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser is a small plastic device that fits in the palm of your hand. It is white plastic with a small blue plastic ring around the top edge and is shaped like an hourglass.


The Blackhead Eraser is ergonomically shaped so that it is easy to hold when using. It also has a slip-free grip so that your hand will not slip off it when you are moving it over your face. It is water resistant so you can get it wet. It also runs on batteries, so you do not have a cord getting in the way.


Other blackhead treatments focus on treating blackheads with medication alone, which takes time. The Blackhead Eraser combines salicylic acid, a popular acne treatment medication. It uses an exfoliating pad and vibration to get deeper into the pores.


Setting up the Blackhead Eraser is required before each use. Attach an unused medicated pad to the top of the Blackhead Eraser. After attaching the pad, run some water over it to get it wet. Twist the blue ring on the Eraser to get it started, and gently push the pad across your face where you have blackheads. After use, remove the dirty pad and dispose of it so that the Blackhead Eraser is ready for your next use.


Do not use the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser if you have broken or irritated skin. If your skin is sensitive, the salicylic acid in the Blackhead Eraser pads can cause irritation. If it does, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist about whether the Blackhead Eraser is the right treatment for your skin.

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