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A Small Skin Rash Pimple That Is Clear Inside

A Small Skin Rash Pimple That Is Clear Inside A Small Skin Rash Pimple That Is Clear Inside


A small skin rash pimple that is clear inside is commonly molluscum contagiosum. Bumps are small, about 2 to 5 mm in diameter. The bumps are easily spread by rubbing or scratching the skin. Molluscum contagiosum is very common in children, however, it does occur in adults, too. Fortunately, treatment can get this condition under control.


Molluscum contagiosum is a virus, which is spread through skin-to-skin contact or contact with contaminated objects. For example, the virus spreads through contact with toys, faucet handles and doorknobs. For adults, sexual contact with an infected partner spreads the molluscum contagiosum as well.


Molluscum contagiosum will resolve without treatment. Treatment isn't always recommended for children. However, treatment is used in infections that spread quickly or adult infections. Treatment will remove the clear pimples and reduce the risk of spreading. Your dermatologist will take skin scrapings to determine if clear pimples are caused by molluscum contagiosum. After confirmation of the virus, she will prescribe a topical retinoid creams to treat infection.

Other treatment options include scraping or freezing the pimples. Use of laser treatments is also effective. Some of these procedures are painful. A topical anesthetic is used before the procedure to numb the skin. Normally, a doctor will try topical treatments first.


Alternative medications sold on the Internet claim to quickly clear up molluscum contagiosum infections. However, these medications aren't proven effective for clearing up the virus, according to If you're considering the use of alternative medications, consult your doctor first.


Prevent future infections by washing your hands frequently. During an outbreak, don't touch or rub clear pimples. This increases the risk of spreading infection. Also, if you avoid scratching, inflammation usually goes away, according to MedlinePlus. Don't share personal items, such as towels or hairbrushes. Cover pimples during an outbreak to ensure the infection doesn't spread. Adults should avoid sexual contact while clear pimples are healing.


If you have a weakened immune system, seek treatment right away. This disorder is more serious in these cases. For example, people struggling with eczema, HIV or AIDS have more serious infections. Your doctor can treat the virus right away to prevent infection and spreading.

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