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5 Ways to Prevent Folliculitis

5 Ways to Prevent Folliculitis 5 Ways to Prevent Folliculitis 5 Ways to Prevent Folliculitis

1. Wash Behind Your Ears

Good hygiene can prevent folliculitis. Wash our hands regularly, scrubbing for about 15 seconds (the time it should take to sing "Happy Birthday"). Clean under your fingernails and past your wrists. This tactic can actually treat low-level superficial folliculitis infections, too. Taking daily showers will help prevent folliculitis, as will showers after you exercise.

2. Stop Sharing

Folliculitis can be transmitted through shared personal hygiene items. To minimize your chance of catching it, use your own clean washcloth and towel, and never share them. You should also never share a razor, toothbrush or any other item that can break skin.

3. Switch Your Products

Some personal hygiene products are more prone to inciting folliculitis infections than others. For example, antiperspirants with high concentrations of aluminum can cause a backup of bacteria to collect in your armpits. Oil-based lotions may allow bacteria to sit on your skin. If you've had folliculitis, use water-based lotions and a deodorant instead of an antiperspirant.

4. Forget Fashion Sense

Tight clothing can harbor sweat and bacteria. If you wear tight clothing, keep it on for a minimal period. Change your bathing suit after you're done swimming laps to avoid getting pseudomonas folliculitis, a bacterial infection that is particularly prominent around the bikini line.

5. Clean Your Pool

You can contract this condition from dirty hot tubs or swimming pools. Clean tubs and pools regularly and check chlorine levels before you enter them. If you're at a public swimming pool or swimming hole, shower or rinse off after you come out of the water.

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