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5 Things You Need to Know About Laser Acne Treatment

5 Things You Need to Know About Laser Acne Treatment 5 Things You Need to Know About Laser Acne Treatment

1. Lasers: The Answer

Dermatologists use lasers for so many things nowadays. They remove birthmarks, smooth out wrinkles, remove hair and help with acne scarring. When they first came on the market, doctors were not happy with the way lasers treated acne scarring. There were often problems with skin pigmentation. Today, they've been finely tuned and are now considered a great way to treat acne scarring.

2. Light Up Your Life

People with darker skin often have the best results with laser acne treatments. The light combines with radio frequency to ease acne scarring. The skin tightens up, a special light kills the bacteria and the face looks so much better. Acne laser treatment can help people who have active acne lesions. The laser not only improves the appearance of scars, but also reduces sebum, which is the oil you have in your pores. That oil causes blackheads and pimples.

3. Pure White

If you're white, you should know that acne scars can cause you to lose pigment in your skin. Acne scar laser treatment can restore some of that pigment by bringing back the natural substances that were taken away. The laser acne treatment goes deep into your skin and wakes up cells that have been dormant. They get back into action and cause the scarred areas to look smoother and more vibrant. The scars develop the same texture as the skin in the surrounding area.

4. Resurface Your Skin

Laser resurfacing is the answer if you have deep holes or pitting on your face. Many movie stars use laser resurfacing to deal with wrinkles. How does it work? Well, doctors combine carbon dioxide with the laser to remove the outer layer of skin. The treatment also alters the texture of scarring on other parts of your body, such as your back or shoulders. Don't be worried about the process. It's done in short spurts, under anesthesia. You will need to rest and recuperate for a few days after the acne laser treatment, though.

5. Cut Acne Scars In Half

Doctors say that even just one acne scar laser treatment will reduce the appearance of scars by more than half. That's a huge difference. Think about how confident you'll be if you improve your appearance by that much. One acne laser treatment can last for three months. Three months without acne scarring is probably worth one session. The laser does two things. It treats your acne and resurfaces your skin by stimulating collagen cells. You won't be able to stop touching your skin at first because it'll feel so different. And, get this--laser acne treatment helps prevent future breakouts.

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