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5 Things You Need to Know About Back Acne

5 Things You Need to Know About Back Acne 5 Things You Need to Know About Back Acne

1. Acne Linked to Fashion Statements

Back acne is caused the same way as facial acne, with overactive oil glands, extra dead skin cells and acne-causing bacteria. The extra skin cells get trapped in one of your pores and trap oil. Then the bacteria goes to work making a red raised pimple. Tight clothing or friction caused by articles of clothing aggravate these pimples. Besides rubbing acne the wrong way, restrictive clothing also doesn't allow the skin to breath and keeps sweat close to the skin's surface, further adding to the problem.

2. Keep Things Clear

It stands to reason that keeping the dead skin cells off your body would stop any clogging of the oil glands from happening. This is true to a point. Sometimes, especially during puberty, these oil glands are so active they can do nothing but clog, so you might be fighting a losing battle. Keeping your skin as clean as possible will limit the amount of bacteria able to invade these mass-producing oil glands and might keep your back acne to a minimum.

3. You Are What You Eat

Diet certainly plays a factor in what your body is excreting in its oil glands. It also plays a part in how well your body fights infection. Whole fruits and vegetables give your body what it needs to fight those back acne bacterial invaders, and limiting your toxin load as well as your bad fat intake will limit the amount of toxins and oil your body must excrete. Cut the fried foods out of your diet and limit the amount of processed goodies you are consuming. This lowers your body's toxic load, while increasing the fruits and veggies helps boost your immune system.

4. Bust the Stress

Stress can cause back acne breakouts as well. If you'd like to limit the back acne, you might try some stress-busting techniques. Get 30 minutes of exercise at least three times a week, which can be as simple as taking a walk around the block. Try a stress-busting routine such as yoga or Pilates. Most of all, make sure you are getting enough sleep; this is especially important during the teen years when your body is busy going through it's biggest growth spurt since infancy.

5. Just Say No to Miracle Creams

There are no miracle lotions that remove back acne, but there are some techniques you can try. Wash with an anti-bacterial lotion soap that is non-drying and recommended by your dermatologist. Stay away from drying soaps that cause the oil glands to reactivate, creating a bigger problem. For breakouts, try benzoyl peroxide in a 10-percent solution. This kills the bacteria but does nothing for the clogged pores; in fact, it may make them worse. Try exfoliation to remove these dead skin cells. Use either a natural sponge or a sugar scrub, which tends to be a bit milder than a salt scrub on irritated skin.

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