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3 Ways to Manage Folliculitis

3 Ways to Manage Folliculitis 3 Ways to Manage Folliculitis

1. Learn to Identify the Symptoms

You must know what kind of folliculitis you have before you can manage it. There are two types of infections, superficial and deep. Superficial infections often are accompanied by a crop of small, itchy red bumps. Some of these bumps, such as those infected by staphylococcal folliculitis, may fill with pus. Other superficial infections, such as pseudomonas folliculitis, may start as red bumps, but then turn into blisters filled with pus. The more serious infections usually are pus-filled from the start, such as boils that fill with pus during the first 24 hours of formation. Carbuncles, which are made from multiple boils, form over time as more boils grow.

2. Start Treatment

Your folliculitis is easily managed with a trip to the pharmacy. Bacterial infections can be cleared with antibiotics, most notably ointments such as bacitracin, cleansers such as povidoneiodine or pills such as ofloxacin. Fungal infections typically are cleared up with medications like fluconazole, although fungal inflammation is typically treated with a prescription corticosteroid. If your folliculitis extends into your hairline, your doctor might prescribe a special shampoo. If your infection persists, you may require laser treatment, UV-B phototherapy or aggressive staphylococcus treatment.

3. Prevent Future Outbreaks

If you are being treated for folliculitis, your doctor will recommend precautions to prevent you from spreading the infection. Use clean towels and washcloths every time you bathe, and don't lend them to other people. Don't shave the areas of your body that are infected, although you can use a depilatory or wax to remove the hair if necessary. Some forms of the infection can spread in water sources, so you should clean out your hot tub and avoid using it until your infection ends.

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